Danny Romero

   Danny Romero is of both Yaqui and Spanish heritage. He creates jewelry and paintings from his home in New Mexico. Growing up in Douglas, Arizona, he has been working with stone and silver for over 20 years.

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   Painter John Nieto launched him in a new direction when he asked him to create an inlay version of one of his portraits. Danny now is exploring the idea of portraiture in jewelry, using for inspiration his artwork and the work of others. "I like E.S. Curtis photographs," he says, referring to the famous turn-of-the-century photographer and ethnographer who documented more than 80 Native American tribes. "I go through magazines. I've done drawings and I paint".

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   He was one of five silversmiths invited to the Night of the First Americans at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and he has had showings of his jewelry in galleries and museums in many parts of the country as well as in Germany, Japan, and Canada.

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