"Nutcracker Pendant"
(Advanced Intrarsia Project)

by Tom & Kay Benham

   Each December, the young and the "young at heart" eagerly await the magical ballet performances of The Nutcracker Suite featuring Tchaikovsky's unforgettable score. Even though the young heroine, Clara, actually saved the day, the Nutcracker has become a symbol for romantic heroism. Through the years, each December many variations of Nutcrackers ranging in size from over two feet in height to merely inches high ornaments fill the store shelves. This past holiday season, our two grandsons, Jakob and Trevor, each wanted their own Nutcracker and were delighted when we found two just their size. Our shopping expeditions inspired Tom to design his original Nutcracker pendant for me to wear each holiday season.

   We've included a scale drawing of our Nutcracker but have provided few dimensions. We encourage you to use our drawing as a starting point for your interpretation. Change the materials, colors and proportions to create your very own version.

2" high


· Pink Lab-created Opal (Face)
· White Lab created Opal (Hands, Teeth & Boot Trim)
· Red Lab-created Opal (Hat Plume)
· Red Coral (Nose & Jacket)
· Black Jade (Hat Brim, Hair, Mustache, Teeth, Beard, Epaulets, Belt & Boots)
· Lapis (Hat & Pants)
· Yellow Onyx (Jacket Buttons, Hat Braid and Epaulets)
· Prystene (Space between arms & body & legs)
· 14K Gold Round Wire, .040" dia. (Eyes)
· Heavy Wall Sterling Silver Square Tubing (Belt Buckle)

Drilling Fixture:
· 2 Pieces - Plastic, 3" x 3" x 1/8"
· 3 Pieces - Plastic, 1/4" x 1 1/2" x .070"
· 2 Pieces - Plastic, 1/4" x 1 1/2" x .100"
· AJS Intarsia Grinder with 600-grit Lap with Angle Guides
· Cam Actuated Preformer with Round Template mounted on Shaw-Raytech Faceting . . Machine including 180, 600, 1200 and 3000-grit Laps and White Poly Pad
· Transfer Jig
· Dopsticks
· Diamond Glass Grinder with ¾" dia. Diamond Grinding Head
· 4" Trim Saw and Blade
· Small Drill Press
· 1 mm and 1-½ mm Diamond Drill Bits
· 2 - .060" Twist Drill Bits
· 6" Ruler
· 2 - C-clamps
· Rock Nipper
· Plastic Spring Clamp
· Two-part, Five-minute Clear Epoxy
· Mixing Pad and Mixing Stick
· Denatured Alcohol
· Double-sided Tape
· Holy Cow Polishing Compound


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