This website is dedicated to those North American artists working with stone using the techniques defined as "Commesso" or "Intarsia." These ancient art forms have almost disappeared in Europe over the past 150 years. Even though we have many reference books on the art and artists of Europe, there were no documented historical data on this art form in America except for brief articles in a few magazines, notably, The Lapidary Journal, Gems & Minerals, and Rock & Gem. The information and images contained on this website and in a recently published CD called "American Masters of Stone, edition 1.0" (currently available in several hundred of art libraries throughout the continent) is intended to resolve that lack of historical data.

We are still in the process of cataloging every North American artist who has created a Commesso (Intarsia). In addition we are creating a biography of each new artist and including images of their works. This website includes artists and images from American Masters of Stone, edition 2.0, still in progress. The copyrights to these images and designs are held by the individual artists or their families and are protected by Federal and International copyright laws. The photographs of Nicolai Medvedev's work are copyrighted by © Harold & Erica Van Pelt. The photographs of Jesse Monongye's work and several others are copyrighted by © Jerry Jacka. The copyrights to the other photographs are held by the individual photographers.

This website and database was initially conceived by Conrad Kurt Grundke. He inspired Dennis Paul Batt to become computer literate and assisted Dennis in the compilation of the CD "American Masters of Stone." Dennis later built the website in its current form and maintains the site. The information below will allow viewers of this website to contact either of these individuals for more information, or, to provide them with additional information that they might not be aware of.

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